Voice Coaching on Mondays? Guitar lessons on Tuesdays? Performing on Wednesdays? Photography on Thursdays? How about writing poems or songs on Fridays?
Sky is not the limit for Your imagination!

There are an endless number of ways to express yourself through arts. Learning these kind of skills together will help you to manage and relieve stress, increase general well-being and eventually lead to learning new talents.

Exploring your creativity is a great way to learn new problem solving skills for challenging situations. Such skills are transferable to all fields of life

Best of all, creativity can always be practiced. But as with everything else, creativity and its development requires time which most of us do not have enough of.

We have a solution for this: we will bring the workshops directly to you!

No more transitions from one place to another or challenges in finding Your chosen kind of creative hobby. Together with Arts professionals we customize suitable contents for your community at work. We will build them to be an inseparable part of your everyday working life.

Music And Improvised Movement

Music and Improvised movement will move your voice of creativity! Some examples of contents below:

Instrument guidance

What's Improvised Movement all about?

Improvised movement guides you to improvise movement to music. It's alla about presence, being aware of your surroundings and communicating your self-expression.

Visual Arts

The world communicates more and more visually these days. Update the tools of your creative expression!

Find the wonders of visual expression from the many possibilities of photography, filming, image prosessing or drawing, painting etc.

Performing and Drama Art

The skills of self-expression are the corner stone of social life. How to express yourself in different situations, surroundings and groups? We have just the right tools for you to open up a whole new world of communication!

Literary Art and Creative Writing

Looking for just the right words to express your thoughts? Find your inspiration with the tools of literary art and creative writing.